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Beyond: Two Souls


It’s on an actual blog now, go read my review you piece of shit

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing review

We have a new review out! It’s of the latest Van Helsing game. Come read!

Any budding game reviewers?

Hi people! This is a small game review site, Currently there are two people writing for it. One of them is me.

Do you want to write reviews? We’re currently looking at taking on a third person who will mainly focus on Adventure games. Unfortunately we can’t pay you in cash, but we WILL provide the games for you to review, and you’ll have the opportunity to represent us at trade shows!

In short: get free games, talk about those games, have fun!

If you’re interested, pleeeeease email with your name, age, and home country! Don’t be shy, we’re really desperate for a new writer! Yay!

Reus review

Check out our review of the popular god game Reus

Metro: Last Light review

Nick Longshaw has written our review of Metro: Last Light, come have a read!

Anno Online Closed Beta preview

Our staff writer Nick spent some time in the Anno Online closed beta a couple of weeks back, and now he’s telling his story.

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Bulletstorm review

Really enjoying Bulletstorm :D

I’m expecting to finish SP this evening; a review should be up sometime earlier.